Better Chinatown Society (Event Organizer)

organizes the Lunar New Year Parade & Firecracker Ceremony, which attracted numerous spectators, and the Chinatown Independence Day Parade & Festival and many special communuty social events. We also create an Autumn Moon Celebration.


Below are the four events we mainly organize:


Lunar New York Parade

A colorful spectacle featuring floats, marching bands, lion and dragon dancers, antique cars, beauty queens, Asian musical performers, magicians and acrobats, and local organizations.


New Year's Day Firecracker

The first day of the 2007 Lunar New Year, which will be kicked off with a controlled firecracker detonation, a traditional Lunar New Year practice believed to scare away evil spirits


Chinatown Independence Day Parade & Festival

Chinatown and New York’s Asian American community shows off its American patriotism and celebrates the contributions of Asia Americans in the United States.


Autumn Moon Festival

The Autumn Moon Festival is on the 15th of the 8th lunar month. It's also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival. At this time, the moon is at its fullest and brightest, marking an ideal time to celebrate the abundance of the summer's harvest.