7th Annual Autumn Moon Cultural Festival

& Children's Lantern Parade




Date:Sunday, September 27th. 2009

Time:12:00PM – 5:00PM

Location: Sara Roosevelt Park - Canal St and Hester St

Expected attendees include local politicians, community leaders and dignitaries. After opening ceremonies, lion dance troupes will perform their dance. A stage will be erected in the area and will feature all-day cultural performances by traditional and contemporary Asian and Asian American singers and dancers. A riddle contest with a thousand prizes, Autumn Moon cake testing, traditional colorful lantern exhibit and numerous cultural dancers and singers will perform on main stage, as well as a cultural and information service booth that will be set up.

Children will march inside the Sara Roosevelt Park with traditional animal & fruit lanterns (not available in N.Y.) obtained from the Chinese Overseas Agency from China, made especially for this event. The parade will be accompanied by lion dance troupes, cultural performance, Columbus and Manhattan musical troupes. At the end, there will have free gifts, ice cream, autumn moon cake tasting and free drawings.